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To chose Fit4TheGame as your fitness partner in Hamburg


100% Service

Based on your personal needs and unique lifestyle, you’ll receive exactly the inspiration and support you need, to help you to achieve optimum health. We are completely focussed on you and we’re always prepared to go that extra mile, to ensure that you achieve those all-important fitness goals.


100% Confidence

Our functional training strategies will help you to ‘get to know yourself’ again. You’ll change your body and develop a new understanding of how to keep it in optimal shape. The more you experience and become aware of your own strength and power, the more doors you’ll see open up before you.

Wir sind ein Team!


100% Advice

Our training programmes are based on extensive individual analysis of your needs and abilities. This enables us to understand, address and correct any functional weaknesses. Your health and readiness-to-exercise are always placed at the forefront for your training programme and your coach always has your back!


100% Helpfulness

We want you to expect the very best from us. Personal training is our passion and more than just our job: helping you is our vocation. We promise you our undivided attention and expertise in every training session, as well as the flexibility to guarantee your training suits your busy lifestyle.


100% Money-back guarantee

We regularly see our members’ achieving and exceeding their goals. We are convinced that any realistic,measurable goals you set are absolutely achievable, depending on your compliance. Our 100% money-back guarantee allows you take the first step to becoming your best self with ZERO risk, by seeking help from Hamburg’s best personal trainers. We give you our word.


100% Movement

Better quality movement means a better quality of life. As biomechanics experts, we are always endeavouring to improve your movement quality. This reduces your risk of injury, and guarantees safe and steady progress towards your goals. In moving better, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll project this new and vital energy all around you.


100% Passion

Our members are fitter and happier than they’ve ever been and they look forward to every training session…their words, not ours. They’re often surprised by how quickly they achieve their goals by simply following our no-nonsense advice and taking part regularly in Fit4TheGame training sessions. Wouldn’t you like these kind of results too?

Small Group Training

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