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The Power of One Step

What are baby steps in terms of training, nutrition and creating habits?

Baby steps are the small, achievable, repetitive steps we recommend to our members if they want to move from point A (the current state) to point B (the desired state) as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By focusing on baby steps, you create measurable progress towards your goal and reduce the likelihood of a yo-yo effect or falling back into old habits. 

There are many stumbling blocks on the way to your goal, that's normal and happens to all of us. However, instead of letting this frustrate us and distract us from our goal, baby steps allow us to focus on proven, positive steps and not get caught up in self-blame.

Many still believe that baby steps are only for beginners who are just starting out.

Au contraire – quite the opposite! 

Even if you have been training for years and have found a training rhythm that integrates perfectly into your everyday life and paves the way to your goal, sometimes you come to a point in life where you simply want more.

The new goal can be diverse: overcoming a plateau, getting more momentum into your training or finding your way out of a dead end, be it in your private or professional life.

In such a case we recommend The Power of One Step! 

Give yourself a time frame, such as a month, by incorporating one additional workout per week (strength or interval-based) into your plan.

With this simple and absolutely doable intervention, you can really get your metabolism going, build more strength quickly, and you'll notice that it's not that difficult to take a little more time for yourself and still be effective and to function efficiently in working life.

Below you will find feedback from two Fit4TheGame members (Hubert Neubacher and Teddy Lucke) who are for The Power on One Step have decided. 

Both members work in leadership positions that require strength, perseverance and strategic thinking to achieve success. 

Unfortunately, many managers still believe that “more” is not possible because they “can’t find the time” to invest in their health – a serious mistake.

We have found with both people in executive positions and professional athletes that just one additional training session per week can immensely increase energy levels, confidence and effectiveness.

With the focus on The Power of One Step you too can do this! 

1.      Ahoy Hubert! WHow have you increased your training frequency?

I started irregular PT hours 1-2 times a week at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016.

From mid-2016 onwards, I trained twice a week in the morning - usually at 8 or 9 a.m. And since November I've been able to train very regularly, three times a week.

2.     Were there any challenges (e.g. organizational/time-related)?

Yes, I had to reorganize a few things. Up to now I was used to being the first in my company at 8 a.m. at the latest in order to discuss the daily routine with colleagues and employees, as our shop is open every day from 9 a.m.

Some of these arrangements have now been postponed or are regularly taken over by my assistants in the office.

A lot of things can now be done via smartphone and/or WhatsApp. The employees know that I am in the house later three days a week and have adapted accordingly.

In addition, no appointments are entered for me on the mornings when I do sports, unless I do it myself. Appointments on the days only start at midday.


3.      What changes have you/have other people noticed?

I myself and those around me have noticed that I am much more relaxed and balanced than before. I feel much fresher and more flexible - because I really enjoy training now and I'm also trying to adjust my diet. (Often works - not always...  J)

Some of my tailor-made suits no longer fit so well, as they are now much tighter in some places. But that can be adjusted and I'm happy when other people notice that I've changed physically for the better. Now all that remains is to tackle the stomach area and perhaps some fitness.

Teddy Lucke

1.      Hello Teddy! How did you increase your training frequency?

From 2x a week to 3x (otherwise PT on Tuesdays and group training on Fridays) – now group training on Mondays and Fridays and PT on Wednesdays.

2.     Were there any challenges (e.g. organizational/time-related)?

No, there haven't been any organizational challenges (yet), but the body reacts very clearly to "more" sporting activity - I need more time for regeneration at the weekend (you're not 50 anymore 😉 )

3.      What changes have you/have other people noticed?

My body looks much more athletic and I'm building more muscle. This is noticed by those around me and spurs me on to keep going.

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