HYROX is designed as a challenge for everyone - from Olympic champions to amateur athletes, HYROX is "for EVERY BODY".


3,000 athletes per event fight their way through 8 x 1 km running and 8 workouts that challenge the whole body in different ways.

At Fit4TheGame we train first-timers, i.e. HYROX athletes who are taking part for the first time, as well as participants who have already gained initial experience, improving their performance and recovering from injurywant to avoid.

EVERYONE can compete at HYROX! It doesn't matter whether you're a recreational or professional athlete, whether you're alone or in a team - in the end everyone reaches their personal physical limits.

Advice from patient and understanding experts

Your Fit4TheGame coaches will help you develop healthy eating habits and stop giving the yo-yo effect a chance. Forget diets! We're all about simple habits and enjoyment!

A helpful community

With access to a large and supportive community, you'll meet other health-conscious people who will encourage you every step of the way.

Team building for business teams

We are also recognized experts in training business teams for the Hyrox events. If you're an entrepreneur or manager and want to inspire your team (and reduce sick days), you can email our founder right here.

Let's get your people working better together!

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