Accept the challenge. There is more to you than you think!

We are sure that in all Fit4TheGamers there is a “city athlete” who is made for more tasks than he or she realizes. That's exactly why we launched the Fit4TheGame FX Challenge.

In an endurance and strength-based challenge on March 24th, 2018, 50 Fit4TheGamers can prove this and surpass themselves.

6 disciplines are completed one after the other:
  1. Running: 1km
  2. Ski Erg: 750 m (women & men)
  3. Running: 1km
  4. Sled March: 2 x 25 m (women: +50 kg / men: +80 kg)
  5. Running: 1km
  6. 2-arm carry: 200 m (women: 2 x 14 kg / men: 2 x 24 kg)
  7. Running: 1km
  8. Airdyne: 2.5 km (women & men)
  9. Running: 1km
  10. Medball Chestpass: 100 pieces (Women: 8 lbs / Men: 12 lbs)

Each Fit4TheGamer is timed during the challenge in order to determine an overall winner at the end, who can then join the “F4TG Hall of Fame”. Nevertheless, it should still remain your personal challenge.

In the weeks leading up to the challenge, each participant will complete a 5-minute Airdyne test to determine the starting order.

Two Fit4TheGamers start the challenge together at the gym at 5-minute intervals from 3 p.m. The event is expected to end at 6 p.m. On the challenge day, all participants will be introduced to the course at 2 p.m. to ensure everything runs smoothly and to clarify any final questions. The start, finish and disciplines are all completed in your F4TG gym.

We would also like to achieve something good for the Mignon children's home with this event, so we collect a starting donation of €15 for each participant when registering (payable by the registration deadline on February 14, 2018 at 9 p.m.).

Registration is limited to 50 Fit4TheGamers to ensure an orderly process. “First come, first serve” is the motto, so it’s best to register as soon as possible.

A refund of the participation donation is excluded if you do not participate. Every Fit4TheGamer is welcome to become part of the challenge as a helper or spectator.

As long as you are injury-free and have no acute restrictions at the start, nothing stands in the way of taking part. However, during the challenge every coach is instructed to stop you if you feel acute pain.

Your Fit4theGame coach team will prepare you for your personal challenge with an extra weekly workout with different focuses. Not only will you train the disciplines, but you will also have the chance to set a baseline and perfect your technique for the first time.

What's holding you back now?

All you have to do now is sign up below and get ready.

You can do that! You are made for more than you might think.

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