“Girls ROCK!”. Personal Trainer Hamburg

Personal Trainer Hamburg…You run like a girl” – you’ve probably heard these or similar sayings before… Stop the prejudices, girls have power and not too little! Watch every day at Fit4TheGame! Our coaches say “Our girls ROCK!”.

This spot shows that you shouldn't allow yourself to be forced into a mold!

“You run like a girl”…you've probably heard someone dissing someone like this…we say “Enough with the prejudice…Our girls have plenty of power!” Come and see the girls at Fit4TheGame lifting, and loving it. Our coaches say “Our girls ROCK!”

Personal Trainer Hamburg


Strong & confident...that's like a girl!

Strong & confident...that's like a girl!

Forward this to your friends, girlfriends, sisters, mums…in fact, everyone should see this video!

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