We'll help you find your fitness mojo, achieve your goals, and have a lot of fun doing it!

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In 3 steps to Fit4TheGame

#1: TRY US

Sign up for one of our trial offers. Here you can contact us without risk test and find outwhether we are right for you.


You come by and discuss your goals with us in person. We create the perfect plan for you, individually tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

#3: Experience success immediately!

You complete your first personal training session. You feel great. And you're on your way to success!!


No one likes feeling tired, unwell and unfit. But a stressful job and a demanding personal life can make focussing on your own health and fitness feel impossible.

At Fit4TheGame, we understand how frustrating this can be and we’re here to help you break out of that circle, because:
We’re all about making fitness as simple, safe and enjoyable as possible. We’ll make those important first steps to a healthier you feel easy, uncomplicated and fun!
Our super-friendly expert coaches will help you to exercise correctly, effectively and have lots of fun doing it.
We want you to always feel energised about your next workout. This will lead you to your fitness goal in the shortest possible time, and your quality of life will improve straight away.


Are you

…too busy?
…under time pressure?
…prone to injury?
…too scared to get started?

We'll help you find a program that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Talk to us and we will find the right strategy for you.

Core programs

Personal training

Your schedule is busy, so you need a proven and effective training solution that allows you to live your life while still making your health and fitness a priority.

Small group training

Get healthier. Build relationships. Be happier. Become part of our community and achieve your goals faster with small group training.

Nutrition coaching

Physical training is just one part of a healthy and active life. When you combine our workouts with good eating habits, you will exceed and maintain your results.


“Fit4TheGame was the best and healthiest investment of my life! I would never have dreamed of having so much energy and being fitter than ever before after having two children.


Fit4TheGame is completely different than usual studios. It's very familiar, friendly, they take care of your needs and don't leave you alone once the introduction is over."


I lost around 18 kilos in just four months and feel really good. I am fitter and much more productive, I sleep better - my overall well-being has improved incredibly.


“Since the day I decided to join, I have felt much better both outside and inside. I'm committed to changing my lifestyle and now I'm not giving up! I couldn’t have done it without Fit4TheGame..”


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