Let’s be honest: sometimes New Year’s resolutions and vision boards just aren’t enough to get us to our goals.

Why is that? Mostly because our brains are wired to do what we need to, in order to survive, but not necessarily to optimise for the goals we want to achieve. 

If we really want to achieve our goals and maintain our success, we need to take account of life changing, work getting busy, and inertia setting in (i.e. what we do during business trips or during vacations).

The only way to ensure against life getting in the way is to develop and then practise simple daily routines.

Consider this: we encourage children to develop routines like brushing their teeth before and after waking, or doing their homework at a regular time each day. This ensures that these important activities become habits, which ensures they get done, regardless of what else is going on in the child’s life.

Somehow we begin to apply a different set of rules as we get older.

As adults, many of us feel that ‘routines’ hem us in. We convince ourselves that routines are boring, and they will make us feel less spontaneous.

Science and research prove exactly the opposite to be true. The most successful (and very often the happiest and  healthiest) people in the world are those who practise simple yet highly effective routines. Individuals as diverse as Marie Kondo, Barack Obama, Tim Ferris and Angela Merkel all swear by their routines and even attribute much of their success to them.

We recommend you begin with an energising, time-saving morning routine.

In addition, we suggest you try ‘habit-stacking’, where you pair one new habit with another one which you’ve already mastered.

The 5-minute morning routine (BEFORE you check your mobile!)

1. Drink a small glass of water as soon as you wake up
2. Lie on the floor, put one hand on your chest, one hand on your stomach and take 10 deep breaths. Try to ‘fill’ the hand on your stomach first, before you ‘fill’ your chest. Focus on breathing quietly in through your nose, then breathing out through your mouth, as if you were blowing out a candle.
3. Do each of these three movements for 40-60 seconds

Complete this routine each day for 7 days and then let us know if you’d like more tips on how to develop it for even more success with your fitness goals!

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