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Fall (aka autumn) is a wonderful time of year, but it can also cause some of us to feel down and to be more prone to colds and flu.

Leaving the house and returning home in the dark can reall drag your mood down and the faling vitamin D levels will weaken your immune system. Many of us have already experienced the first sniffles and runny noses, and all the usual flu viruses (as well as our new friend, Mr. Covid) are getting ready to pounce.


That’s why we recommend you eat these three SUPERFOODS, to help you stay active and protect your body’s defenses!

personal trainer hamburg

Pimp your salads with endives (aka chicory)!

The parts of the leaf and the stalks are rich in inulin, a bitter substance which has a particularly beneficial effect on the intestinal flora.

Check out the bestseller ‘Gut’ by Giulia Enders, to find out more about how improving your digestive system can actually help you stave off depression!

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Personal trainer hamburg

Red, raw and ridiculously healthy!

With their sulphur-rich essential oils, red onions (like endives) are especially good for gut health. These substances also act like a natural antibiotic and rapidly inhibit the growth of bacteria. To maximise the antibiotic effect, chop them up, eat them raw, and get ready to kick some bacterial butt!

 Pro cooking tip: Onion and endive can be added to almost every salad. Try to adding onion raw, chopped in fine rings and with a little orange balsamic vinegar. Try a green mixed salad with  caramelized walnuts, good olive oil and vegetables of all kinds, and the onion then becomes a slightly spicy rounding component.

personal trainer hamburg

The pumpkin scores high…

…in a whole range of important nutrients, incuding vitamins A and B, potassium, copper and manganese. 100 grams of pumpkin already covers 26% of your daily vitamin A requirement, as well as 10% of your potassium needs.

In addition, although pumpkins taste sweet and delicious, 100 grams contains lots of fibre and only 26 kcal. This means they’re filling but also suitable (particularly as a side-dish) if you’re watching your weight.

CLICK HERE for lots of healthy pumpkin recipes.

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