The Clean 15

15 Foods With the Lowest Levels of Pesticides

You know you should eat more fruits and vegetables. You probably don’t go a day without hearing or reading a news report about some newly discovered health benefit. But, you also hear an occasional report about the high levels of pesticides used on the produce in your local supermarket.

Buying organic fruits and vegetables is one way to avoid the pesticide problem. But now you run into two more problems: high cost, and lack of availability in some areas.

Fortunately, some farm products make it to market with very little trace of pesticides. The Environmental Working Group looked at 51,000 pesticide tests for 53 popular fruits and vegetables and came up with a list deemed the Clean 15. These are the 15 fruits and vegetables with the lowest levels of pesticides detected.

‘The Clean 15’  by Fit4TheGame


Avocado Onion Eggplant
Sweet Corn Asparagus Grapefruit
Pineapple Mango Cantaloupe
Cabbage Papaya Cauliflower
Sweet Peas Kiwi Sweet Potato


Clean Statistics

You can feel good about eating non-organic fruits and vegetables found on the Clean 15 list.

Here’s why:

  • 90% of asparagus tested didn’t contain any pesticides
  • Over 80% of cabbage tested was completely pesticide free
  • None of the onions tested showed more than one pesticide


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