30 Tage - Fitter, stärker, besser drauf!


Die Fit4TheGame 30-TAGE FITNESS Academy umfasst:

> Bis zu 8 Personal Training Sessions.

> Unbegrenzte Open Hours Training Sessions.

> 1 Strategy Session zur Besprechung deiner Fitnessziele.

> Wöchentliche Ernährungstipps und regelmäßige Check-ins.

> Unsere 100%ige Geld-zurück-Garantie.

Gesamtwert: 599 €


Teste JETZT unser hocheffektives Training. Werde fitter und stärker als je zuvor. starte mit mehr Power in den Sommer, mit unserer 100%igen Geld-zurück-Garantie.


Stress im Job und Zuhause kann dich manchmal komplett davon abhalten, deine eigene Gesundheit und dein Wohlbefinden zu priorisieren.

Wir bei Fit4TheGame wissen, wie frustrierend das sein kann, und helfen dir, aus diesem Kreislauf auszubrechen:

  Wir helfen dir dabei deinen Körper wieder in Schwung zu bringen und zu neuer Lebenskraft zu finden.

  Wir machen Fitness einfach, sicher und so angenehm wie möglich. Die wichtigen ersten Schritte auf dem Weg zu einem gesünderen Ich sind mit uns denkbar leicht, unkompliziert und ein echtes Vergnügen!

  Unsere superfreundlichen, fachkundigen Coaches unterstützen dich dabei, richtig und effektiv zu trainieren und dabei jede Menge Spaß zu haben!

  Wir möchten, dass du deinem nächsten Training immer voller Vorfreude und Spannung entgegen fieberst: So erreichst du dein Fitnessziel in kürzester Zeit und deine Lebensqualität verbessert sich sofort.

YJ ParkYJ Park
11:52 21 May 24
I've been on and off with exercising, often finding excuses and ending up feeling tired and having low self-esteem. Luckily, Gavin was there to motivate me and always encouraged me to go to the gym for a healthier lifestyle. There's always a welcoming atmosphere with various programs to help you achieve your goals. Gavin and his team are always there to help when you need it. If you're like me, struggling with a lazy lifestyle and low motivation to go to the gym, Fit4thegame is the place for you.
cronje grovecronje grove
20:02 29 Apr 24
The team’s expertise and the upbeat atmosphere make every workout enjoyable. The knowledgeable staff ensures you’re on track with your fitness goals while keeping things fun. It’s a winning combination for a fantastic workout experience.
Hannah KellyHannah Kelly
10:28 29 Apr 24
As someone brand new to the fitness world, Gavin and his team have welcomed me with open arms! Letting me set my own goals while fostering a learning environment- not just telling me when the movement is not being done right, but telling me why. Every time I leave the gym, I have learned not only something new, but have a new level of confidence!
18:19 28 Apr 24
Very good trainers, great, diverse program, competent support, lots of equipment and top equipment and a pleasant atmosphere. The best gym so far.
Ming KhorMing Khor
19:14 26 Apr 24
Gavin is a uniquely welcoming and mission driven small business owner dedicated to helping individuals live healthier lives through fitness. I could perceive from the moment I entered the gym about the community driven values that guide this operation.If you’re looking for a supportive environment and scientifically backed training programs this is the place for you. The quality of the service is absolutely worth the investment.
Dejan ŽivanovićDejan Živanović
09:59 03 Mar 24
Definitely one of the better workout experiences! I feel very seen and cared for throughout the class. It's very different from the usual gym experience and atmosphere. A very welcoming and non-judgmental team of trainers.
Fraser SeifertFraser Seifert
14:24 27 Feb 24
I had a wonderful session as a guest of a friend on a Sunday morning. Gavin is a fantastic and focused trainer giving personal comments and lots of inspiration. He personally took care to ensure that an old knee injury wasn't aggravated. I couldn't recommend more!
Anja GolumbeckAnja Golumbeck
15:50 23 Feb 24
If you like sports, go there! If you don't like doing sports, go there too! Because then you'll learn how much fun exercise can be and how good it is for you. Without feeling forced. You'll simply enjoy it more and more!
Aysha HassanAysha Hassan
08:42 31 Jan 24
Impressed by Fit4theGame! Coaches Gavin, Ramona & Rodrigo are not only highly knowledgeable but also incredibly friendly, fostering a welcoming environment. What stands out about Gavin and his team is their personalized approach, understanding each individual's goals and crafting tailored fitness plans. The coaches provide constant support and encouragement, ensuring that I'm using proper form and motivating me to reach new milestones.Fit4theGame's flexibility in accommodating schedules and adjusting plans based on progress makes it exceptional. It's not just a gym; it's a community where coaches genuinely care about your success. The blend of friendly faces, personalized plans, and flexibility makes Fit4theGame an absolute standout!
Andrea BAndrea B
15:14 26 Jan 24
I have only done exercise irregularly and have osteoarthritis in my knees. Four months ago, after a very detailed conversation with Gavin, I got to know the Fit4TheGame concept and quickly became a member after a trial period. It's crazy how patient I was with trying out which knee-stressing exercises worked for me and how quickly I was able to improve. Now I rarely have any problems and can do kneeling exercises myself. I never thought! Belonging to the Fit4TheGame family is sweaty, strengthening, motivating and a lot of fun. Being part of a community that makes it easy to establish regular training as an integral part of the week. Many thanks to Gavin, Ramona and Roddi, I don't want to miss you anymore! 😊
Jana MorsyJana Morsy
21:47 17 Jan 24
I am happy to be part of this great team! After trying many other gyms, where you usually get copy-paste programs and where you just lose the motivation after a very short time, i finally found Fit4TheGame. The trainers are professionals and make their job with passion. You are always welcome in the club, and even if you had a bad or hard day, you will definitely leave the club happy, satisfied, and with the smile on the face. A good mood is guaranteed. You will always get personal advice and support. And in case if you are missing a few days, get ready that the trainers will find you and will take care of you))
Marsha LenzMarsha Lenz
15:58 07 Jan 24
Fit for the Game is an excellent gym! Gavin and his team of trainers are professional, friendly, and personal. They were supportive of my physical limitations and were able to work with me to make a plan that accommodated my limitations. I highly recommend Fit for the Game.
Eddie MartiniEddie Martini
11:04 03 Jan 24
The studio in Hamburg Bahrenfeld only offers personal training and courses in small groups, which creates a particularly pleasant and private atmosphere compared to the usual large sports studios. The well-rehearsed team of trainers is excellent and teaches in both German and English. They cover a wide spectrum from recovery to fat burning to competitive sports. The conditions are fair, and booking appointments and courses is extremely easy and can also be done via an app. Accessibility by public transport is very good."
Karen HennigKaren Hennig
09:48 30 Oct 23
Definitely the best gym ever! Excellent trainers - motivating, personalised training, feels like coming to friends/family at all times. Highly recommended.
heike kollheike koll
15:07 03 Oct 23
Incredibly committed trainers who are committed to helping me achieve my goal. Great training with very nice people. I really look forward to every hour at Fit4TheGame!
Jost ThedensJost Thedens
08:30 03 Oct 23
I started my fitness journey in May. That was the best decision I made. Thanks Joost for the recommendation.Each member is not just a number; they are part of a family. The care, attention and genuine concern for each individual's progress is second to none. It is a community where you are celebrated, motivated and pushed to do your best.For anyone looking for a place that combines excellent facilities with a supportive environment, this is the place.
Juliane HuckfeldtJuliane Huckfeldt
10:21 07 Jul 23
Fit4TheGame exceeded my expectations!I came to this gym through a recommendation and am incredibly happy that I had the courage to make an appointment with Gavin for a trial training session almost 3 years ago, as unathletic as I was. With an individual training plan I have already been able to achieve many goals and I look forward to training every time. I particularly like the personal support and the feel-good atmosphere during training. Training here makes you fit and happy!
Nicole GrubbaNicole Grubba
09:18 28 Jun 23
The Fit4TheGame team managed to free me from sporting lethargy. Today I go to training several times a week again, and that's not just because of the community, but also because of the great, very competent and warm team. I have fun training and achieve my goals sustainably. ... and it's not just about sport. Topics such as nutrition and positive mindset are also taught. Many thanks to Gavin, Felix, Ramona and Rodrigo ❤️
özgür karadenizözgür karadeniz
12:56 26 Jun 23
Best gym... and more than a gym... The trainers are top top top... even if you haven't booked a PT, you get individual support at all times... and if you haven't been there for a long time, you get a call to check everything is ok (everything after consultation of course) You are very flexible with injuries, training plans etc. and are always able to find an up-to-date solution... I was in many different fitness studios before I came here... no comparison... man/woman is All-round care, they are always up to date because they are constantly undergoing further training... Physiotherapists and nutritionists also work in the studio... The equipment is excellent and from top-class sports, as are the training methods... That's why professional athletes also train here … still there is no elitist demeanor… The community is great, positive and always a great motivator…. The whole package is absolutely right…!!!
Florian BreitenbachFlorian Breitenbach
14:00 06 Jun 23
13:27 30 May 23
Gavin once compared his job to that of a zoo keeper. Each member has individual goals and needs, many of us are disillusioned with years of ailments, generalized training schedules or toxic communities. The people here not only want to make a sustainable investment in their health, but also want to create a feel-good atmosphere for themselves and others, characterized by mutual respect. So it is the members themselves who make this zoo an attraction.Personally, I've been there for almost half a year, I like going to training (depending on the circumstances), I look forward to my colleagues and I can book a free place at any time. I learned a lot about my muscular system and my movements from the coaches. I was only able to improve some of them after several months of constant feedback. Joint pain, which I often had problems with in the past, has not been an issue so far. What I learn here will help me in all future sports activities.
Eder PresentaEder Presenta
15:15 08 May 23
Great place to kick off your fitness goals, the group sessions are amazing, the team really takes care of you, the level of commitment that they offer is one-of-a-kind which I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been into many fitness studios in my life and here I can say that you are not just a number, they call you by your name and the professional trainers are well aware of your goals and capabilities. They really teach you the techniques for you to train each specific muscle. In just 3-months I achieved my personal goals such as becoming pain-free and getting my movement and elasticity back with the help and personalized training program that Gavin and his team customized for me. I give them 7 stars out of 5 rating. Thank you team. #fitnessgoals
08:50 18 Jan 23
Small but cosy fitness center, where you can get everything you need. From one to one training, small groups training or your own personal plan made by qualified coaches to your needs and you always get the attention and care you need for reaching your goals. This place feels like a little family where everyone cares for each other.worth every penny to spend.
11:15 24 Aug 22
Excellent fitness center with great care to everyone's individual goals! The trainers really helped emphasize good technique and form and demonstrate what sustainable workouts look like. The equipment more than suffices and the facilities are clean and pleasant. Everyone in the gym is also friendly 🙂 Thanks Gavin and Felix for all of your comments and suggestions!
Dennis LawrenzDennis Lawrenz
18:29 29 Jun 22
Gavin, Felix and the team will help you to achieve your personal goals on the most efficient and fastest way possible. Never felt so fit and strong before. Highly recommend Fit4TheGame as it is totally different than other clubs with much more focus on customer needs whether you choose small group trainings, PT sessions or open hours.
Clara FoxClara Fox
16:58 10 May 22
THE BEST!! Absolutely would give this gym more stars if possible! ⭐️ I was in Hamburg for a 6 week exchange program from the USA, and they were so, so welcoming to have my during my short stay! The trainers knew how to help newbies like myself correctly lift weights and perform specific movements. I want to shoutout the trainers Gavin and Felix who led the group workouts I went to twice a week. Best gym atmosphere I have ever been in, including back home in the USA. 😃

Flexible Trainingszeiten

Deine Fit4TheGame Coaches haben Zeit für dich, wenn es für dich am besten passt.

Ziele setzen

Egal ob du schon konkrete Ziele hast oder dir noch nicht sicher bist – Dein Coach hilft dir die Ziele zu konkretisieren und erreichbar zu machen.

Persönliche Betreuung

Mit einem persönlichen Coach ist der Fokus 100% auf dich gerichtet. Du bekommst die Aufmerksamkeit die du verdienst und erreichst deine Ziele schneller als du es dir vorstellen kannst.

Nachhaltige Ergebnisse

Kein Jo-Jo Effekt! Deine Fit4TheGame Coaches helfen dir nicht nur deine Gesundheitsziele zu erreichen, sie  zeigen dir auch, wie du die Ergebnisse dauerhaft behältst.

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