Three proven secrets to successfully transforming your body.

How many of us have joined a gym, with the intention of getting in shape and changing our lives?

Lots of people have tried more than once to ‘transform’ themselves, by losing weight or building muscle, but most of us experience only frustration and disappointment.

What may surprise you is that failing to achieve visible results in the gym is actually completely normal. Most people, who start out with the aim of changing their bodies and improving their lives, end up throwing in the towel after just a few weeks.

Actor Özgür Karadeniz has been training regularly since 2016 and and has achieved an amazing personal transformation, but his success during the initial stages of his journey were vital to his long-term success.

“I battled with my weight since childhood. I was always the fat kid at school. Over the years I tried every diet under the sun. I went to different gyms. I followed the plans I saw in fitness magazines. I even managed to lose some weight, but I always ended up giving up. It was just too hard.’

“Why can’t I look like those people on Instagram? Why is it so hard?”

In spite of what ‘gurus’ and personal trainers may tell you, the main reason most people fail to achieve a visible ‘transformation’ is not because they lack motivation or because they’re lazy.

It’s because:

>  They’re not clear on their WHY.

>  They mistake their physical progress for their actual goal.

>  They don’t fully understand the individual steps required, in order to change their bodies and ‘reprogramme’ their minds.

>  They don’t have a structure to follow.

>  They lack adequate support for when things get tough (and things WILL get tough!).

>  They start out with unrealistic expectations, regarding the time and effort involved in getting the results they want.

The three secrets to success.

Secret #1: Get extremely clear about your WHY.

Özgür succeeded first and foremost because he was 100% clear about WHY he wanted to change.

Before he began his transformation journey, he struggled to play with his children, he had ZERO energy, and his poor health and his appearance were impacting his career negatively.

The kilos he lost were the result of his hard work, but they were never the goal.

The real goal was to become a happier person, a better father, and to enjoy better career opportunities.

Those initial weeks yielded visible results and this helped him to keep on working hard, and gave him the confidence to keeping doing the things and practising the habits which lead to his success.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Use kilos or inches or dress-sizes to measure your progress, but always focus on your WHY, a deeply personal reason for wanting to change the way you look and how you live your life in the future.

Secret #2: Follow a simple, well- structured training plan!

Heading to the gym and doing a mixture of spinning classes, burpees, a WOD, and thousands of sit-ups is not a training plan.

It’s ‘random exercising’, which will at best make you sweaty and sore, and at worst might get you injured.

You need a well-structured plan, which takes account of your individual needs and your starting point. This will allow you to train 5-6 times per week, and ensure you progress safely and consistently.

The simplest and most effective way to do this is to enrol in a respected transformation programme near where you live or work.

Generally programmes like this will also provide you with a supportive community, as well as expert advice.

Look for somewhere that you feel genuinely welcomed, where the coaches ask you questions about your relationship with food, your injury history, as well as your work and home life. It’s also a good sign, if the other people you see there look happy and behave like it’s their second home.

If you’re considering starting a body transformation programme, we recommend that you get yourself fully checked out by a qualified physiotherapist, osteopath or FMS specialist first. They will help you identify disbalance and any areas where you need to take special care.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If your goal is to lose weight, drop a dress size or reduce your body fat percentage, you’ll need to follow a plan, which includes full-body strength and mobility work, as well as some high-intensity cardio work.

Secret #3: Get REALLY REALLY good at Portion Control.

To suggest that upwards of 80% of your initial transformation results comes down to how much you eat is not an exaggeration. We can back this up with hundreds of case studies as well as masses of international research.

To alter the old adage, you are how much you eat.

We suggest you begin by tracking your intake using a free app like LIFESUM or MYFITNESSPAL, or if your coach is qualified in nutrition, provide them with pictures of everything you eat and drink for at least two weeks.

After that, we suggest using something like our FREE PORTION CONTROL system, which will allow you reduce your overall calories, without you having to track everything individually.

Although it’s not a must, you will see and feel results MUCH faster if you minimise your intake of processed foods and alcohol.

Note that we’re not saying ‘no sweeties or pasta or booze’, but this is YOUR transformation, and if you want to see results quickly, you absolutely MUST be prepared to make sacrifices.

THE BOTTOM LINE: No matter how hard you train, your results will only be really amazing if you’re prepared to work on your food. You certainly don’t have to starve yourself, but you do have to become aware of what you eat. You also need a system, which allows you create a calorie deficit, or in plain-speak, you need a way to ensure you’re taking in less fuel than you’re using up.

Would you like to know more about how we can help you achieve your body transformation safely and sustainably?

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