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Rest is such an important piece of the fitness puzzle, yet it’s easy to forget that the magic happens when we REST!

Rest periods are when our body is able to restore its levels, rebuild muscle, and gather energy and fuel for the next training session. 

If you’re constantly working too hard, you’ll hit a plateau and stop making any progress.

 Things to consider…

⚠️  Too little rest or too much exercise can lead to overtraining. This can potentially cause injuries,  elevated resting heart rate, poor sleep, low energy levels, depression/anxiety, decrease in performance, and extreme muscle-soreness. 

⚠️  The amount of rest you need will depend on your current routine, how quickly you recover, your food strategies, and the intensity of your workouts.

⚠️  If you’re working out at intense levels a few times each week, you may need more rest time to recover in between sessions.

⚠️  If your workouts are lower-intensity, you may be able to train every day without any negative effects.

In general, make sure you have at least 1-2 days of ‘active’ rest each week to allow the body to repair and prevent overtraining.

On these days, just go for a walk or take your kids for a swim!

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