Your most effective way to get back on track after a break

Your most effective way back to the

Track to success

after a break.

You trained diligently in the gym, were consistent and sweated hard for your progress. Now, however, you have been slowed down by a forced break. Be it due to acute illnesses, a larger project at work or an injury.

Was all your effort wasted and are you starting from scratch again after the break? Not if you get back in cleverly like this.

You have two options after a break:

  1. Just continue where you left off.
  2. Slowly train back to your previous level of performance.

Which option would you choose?

What you need to know is that your body always adapts to your current circumstances. You train regularly, your body becomes slimmer, more athletic and fitter because it needs exactly these skills during your training. If you don't train, your body will adapt to these circumstances. Muscles are broken down, you get out of breath more quickly and maybe gain a little weight.

True to the motto: Use it or lose it.

If you are for Possibility Number 1 If you have decided, you run the risk of putting too much strain on your body too quickly. You risk an injury, which will result in a forced break. Welcome to the hamster wheel.

If you are for Option 2 Once you have decided, you give your body the chance to adapt to increasing intensities again. You will gradually return to your old performance and can then increase it further.

So then I'm starting from scratch again?

A very clear no. The key word here is the so-called “muscle memory effect”. In short, your body has the ability to rebuild lost muscle if you already had more of it before your break. 

In addition, training and exercise are “only” a building block for success when it comes to achieving your goals. During a break, it is a good idea to use other building blocks such as: B. to analyze your diet, your sleep or the amount of water you drink and to carry out targeted interventions. 

You decide how you deal with a break and whether you start your training again well prepared and clever in order to continue pursuing your goal effectively. If you start too intensely too quickly, you risk another break. Do you start with a perceived one?

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