Training for runners - 6 exercises that will make you stronger and faster

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Are you interested in jogging or running? Fit4TheGames movement expert Felix Heise suggests 6 exercises to help you avoid injury and become a more efficient runner

It is important to optimally prepare your body for the repetitive stress of running.

Running is about efficiently absorbing the forces acting on your body and then producing power so that you can propel yourself forward well and quickly. You should be able to maintain this ability to absorb and produce forces for a long time.

An interaction.

This happens through a coordinated interaction of many muscles. It's not so much about building maximum muscle, but rather about ensuring that the individual muscles in your body can work well together and contract.

You also need a certain amount of variability in your system. More variability can distribute the stress better across your body and prevent individual areas from becoming overloaded.

This interaction and the efficient absorption and production of forces is important to train. This allows you to minimize problems in your knees and shins, for example.

personal trainer hamburg

These 6 exercises can help you…

…run faster, more efficiently and more economically. You don't need a lot of equipment and you can do all the exercises from home.

Either as a warm-up before your running session or on another day.

Exercise 1) 90/90 knee rolls

Complete 10 slow reps per side for 2-3 rounds.

Exercise 2) Side-lying Knee-to-Knee

Complete 2-3 rounds for 10 reps per side

Exercise 3) Wall Strider

Complete 2-3 rounds for 10 reps per side

Exercise 4) Deadbug Hold w/ Wall Press

Hold the position where you can clearly feel your abdominal muscles for 8-12 long breaths. Perform 2-3 rounds.

Exercise 5) Plank

Complete 8 breaths for 2-3 rounds

Exercise 6) Single Leg Stand

Complete 2-3 rounds per side.

If you have any questions about the exercises or otherwise need help, then please let us know. Your Fit4TheGame team is there for you and is happy to support you.

Have fun trying out the exercises!

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