Training despite the heat? No problem with these 5 tips!

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Temperatures over 30° make everything more strenuous.

Also the question: “Should I train?” Should not I?" .

Our answer: Yes!

With the following 5 tips you can stay cool and keep moving even on hot days.

1. The right time of day

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Avoid the blazing midday sun.

Are you a “morning person”? Then start as early as possible. Because it's not that warm in the morning and the sun isn't baking you as soon as you take the first step outside the door.

Do you have more time in the evenings? Wait until it has cooled down a bit and the sun is no longer so strong. Whatever you do, mornings or evenings are always preferable to the midday heat.

2.  Start slowly

As with everything, it's better to approach with caution.

Especially on the first hot days of the year, the body takes a while to adapt. The heat makes everything a little more strenuous. So adjust your training accordingly.

For example, reduce the weight or speed (intensity) of your workout.

Alternatively or additionally, you can reduce the length of your workout (volume). For example, shorten the distance, laps or repetitions of your planned workout.

Maybe it's the perfect time to try out an alternative. How about bodyweight exercises?

3. The right place

Choose the location of your workout carefully.

Do you want to train in the fresh air? Then it's best to find a shady spot outside. Maybe even close to the water with the chance of a cool breeze. If you go running, plan a route through the forest or streets with trees to provide shade. Try to avoid both the heat from above and the heated asphalt “cooking” you from below.

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You need the gym? Then avoid peak times, when the air heats up even more due to many people exercising. Consider trying out a smaller gym. Here it is usually more familiar, not so crowded, clean and the trainers can look after you more individually (especially important on hot days!).

4. Drink

We lose a lot of fluid through sweating.

We have to replenish these throughout the day. Before sport, during sport and after sport. So actually from getting up to going to bed. Start your day straight away with a large glass of water and try to drink at least 5 ml of liquid per kg of body weight throughout the day (for a weight of 70 kg = 3.5 liters).

Make sure you take enough to drink with you for your training. Water is best. If that gets too boring after a while, try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime!

When we sweat we also lose important minerals (electrolytes). These are usually added to sports drinks, but they also contain a lot of sugar. So when buying, look for a drink with little sugar and lots of electrolytes. Always a good alternative: water (carbonated), lime, salt.

5. Clothing

In these temperatures, your clothing is an important factor that should not be underestimated.

Choose loose clothing that is breathable and avoid thick, warm cotton fabrics that will soak up sweat.

If you exercise outside, make sure to wear clothing with UV protection that blocks the sun. Also avoid black clothing: it does not reflect the sun as well and therefore retains heat.

If you move around unprotected in the sun, a hat is also recommended. A little tip: for additional cooling, simply wet your cap or hat.

*** Extra tip: Pay attention to your body ***

Ultimately, all of the points mentioned above can be summarized as follows: Your body lets you know how it is feeling and what it needs.

If you want to move despite the heat, that's basically no problem!

If it becomes too strenuous and you feel dizzy, nauseated or exhausted, take a break in the shade and have a drink.

To prevent this from happening, try to train in the morning when it's not that warm. In general, avoid exercising in direct sunlight and, above all, avoid the intense midday heat. Either train outside in the shade or try it out a small family studio with individual care.

Smaller, more familiar studios like Fit4TheGame are often less crowded and also offer a great community. The focus is on having fun with exercise and so you often don't even notice that you're sweating, doing something good for your body and leaving the gym in a better mood than before.

Want to learn more about how we can help you reach your fitness goals (and boost your immune system!)?

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