Getting fitter: Does it always have to be a gym?

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For centuries the majority of our movement took place outside.

It's time to return to nature for sport too. Nature offers us many wonderful alternatives to the equipment of a stuffy gym.

What nature has to offer:

Natural water. No matter whether it's a lake, sea or natural pool in the city - swimming is a great full-body workout. Start with small rounds and then increase. Important: pay attention to the current in natural waters; it can make your workout easier or more difficult. It just shouldn't be too strong, it can be dangerous.

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Natural underground.

Running is humankind's natural form of transportation and we are designed to run on grass, sand and unpaved paths - not just asphalt. Soft ground is gentle on the joints and at the same time a good opportunity to challenge all the small stabilizing muscles. Attention: if your muscles and/or you are tired, you will no longer be able to compensate for unevenness as well. Pay attention to holes, roots, etc.

Natural climbing park.

Trees are not just beautiful to look at. You can also climb up them, pull yourself up on a branch or just see how long you can do a wall sit with your back against the trunk. Be creative!

Natural treadmill.

Nature has long been able to adjust the angle like a treadmill. Find a hill and off you go. Hill sprints are a great way to do short but highly effective high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Just sprint up and go down. The steeper it is, the harder it is. Find a hill that suits you and increase slowly. For example, start with 10 sprints and take a 1min break for every 10m sprinted (20m hill = 2min rest).

Natural weight.

Lifting or carrying stones or tree trunks is a great full-body workout. You can also quickly do a goblet squat or split squat with weight lying around outside. Simply hold or “hug” in front of your body and do 3×10 squats.

In the city.

It doesn't always have to be an hour's drive. You can also find parks or playgrounds in the city that offer lots of opportunities for a workout. Keep your eyes open and get creative.

If you decide to drive a little further to a forest, into the mountains or to a lake, check whether the route can also be done by bike. So you've expanded your workout straight away and it actually starts right at your front door. 

To note:

Although workouts in nature are super simple, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Suncream. An important topic when it comes to outdoor sports. Even on cloudy days, you need to protect your skin. For tips on training on particularly hot days, take a look here 

Drink. Take enough water with you – even if it is more inconvenient. Being thirsty or dehydrated with no water in sight is stupid and can quickly become dangerous.

Footwear. The right shoes protect you from stones, branches, etc. But wear the shoes sufficiently before longer workouts.

Step by step. So in his time. Start slowly and try a few things, then build up. A few meters more is usually enough. This way you will slowly but surely reach your destination and not get stranded somewhere far away from civilization.  

Now is the time to plan your next workout in nature!

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