Personal training

Personal training guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of time for busy schedules - while at the same time receiving complete support from our highly professional coaches!


As recognized specialists in tailored fitness training in Hamburg, we are here to help you make your health and fitness a priority not just for today, but for the years to come.

With personal training, your plan will be tailored to your exact needs and success is guaranteed as long as you follow the simple steps we recommend. We will take this path together and we will support you.

We will work according to your preferences as we understand that you have a busy schedule. You can expect flexibility and realistic challenges that will help you stay focused without disrupting your life.

Flexible training times

Your Fit4TheGame coaches have time for you when it suits you best.

set goals

Regardless of whether you already have specific goals or want to take on new challenges, your coach will help you specify your goals and make them achievable and measurable.

Personal care

With a personal coach, the focus is 100% on you. You will receive exactly the professional and mental support you need to achieve your goals!

Lasting results

No yo-yo effect! Your Fit4TheGame coaches not only help you achieve your health goals, they also show you how to maintain the results long-term.

Your start to a healthy and happy life.

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