Science vs. resolutions – personal trainer explains

The personal trainers wish you a Happy New Year Fit4TheGame!

Corks were popping everywhere and quite a few people made one or more “good resolutions” this year, perhaps even once again. Finally get fit (possibly with a personal trainer), lose weight, lose weight or spend more time with your family – to name just a few.


Fit4TheGame personal trainers are encouraged not to mince words. This is also the case in this case: Statistically speaking, eight out of ten readers of this article will have already broken their resolutions by Valentine's Day at the latest. Point. Out of. Amen. Why?

Because in the literal sense, achieving a goal is harder for some people looks, than for others. So bad luck if you are one of the “some”.

Solution-oriented vs. problem-oriented

However, Fit4TheGame personal trainers in Hamburg are trained to work in a solution- and not problem-oriented manner. Better yet: Personal training and coaching at Fit4TheGame is always based on the latest scientific findings. We have therefore looked for a solution to this problem for you, read through scientific studies and developed a strategy on how you can cheat the statistics and still put your “good intentions” into practice.

Since you are reading an article from a personal trainer in Hamburg, I assume that your good resolution relates to losing weight, losing weight or exercising. Because in this case, the following study affects you directly. If not, I promise you that you can still take something from it with you into your everyday life.



Introduction: “Everything you think you see is purely subjective. It’s filtered through your brain.”

The behavioral scientist Emily Balcetis investigated the connection between visual perception of the human eye, the associated activity of the brain and the resulting behavior. To do this, she showed test subjects a human face and asked about the emotion they saw. Through the individual experiences that each person has had over the course of their life, this visual stimulus (in this case: the facial expression) is translated in the brain and leads to the assignment of the facial expression to a very specific emotion. So disgust simply turned into horror or helplessness - depending on who was asked. Why this example? Quite simply: to make you realize that everything you think you see is purely subjective, as it is filtered through your very own brain.


How big is an apple?

So far so good. Back to personal trainers and losing weight. As part of another study ( Zoll, Van Koningsbruggen, Stroebe & Aarts, 2011 ), people were asked how big an apple shown to them would be. Interestingly, the apple was smaller for everyone who was on a diet at the time than for those who were not on a diet. This finding was so groundbreaking that the people started a new study, because whether it is a diet or not is not objective enough or a diet has too many variables to be objectively measurable. So what did the researchers do?


Fit or unfit – that is the question?!

It's simple: They had personal trainers record people's waist/hip ratio (ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference). The higher this value, the unfit the test subject was. Next, participants were given weights, shown a distant finish line, and asked to estimate the distance to get there. Result: the fitter the test subjects were, the closer they estimated that the finish line was and vice versa.

Conversely, does this mean that the fitter will become even fitter and the unfit will ultimately find it more and more difficult to adopt the good intention of “personal trainer to lose weight” etc.?


What about motivation?

In the next phase of the study, after recording their waist/hip ratio, all subjects were asked by a highly qualified personal trainer about their motivation to achieve this goal. The result:

The more clearly the motivation was defined, i.e. “Why do I want to achieve this goal?”, the closer the distance was estimated. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS SUDDENLY NO LONGER PLAYED A ROLE - so it didn't matter how fit the test subject was. Would you like more numbers? People with a clear goal reached the goal 23 % faster, they found the way there 17 % easier and estimated the distance to be a full 30 % shorter!

So what can be distilled as an essence?
Our body changes its perception of tasks and goals. However, once there is a clear motivation to achieve this goal, it no longer plays a role.



How can you make use of this knowledge?
Here is the strategy of Fit4TheGame Personal Trainers:

1. “Keep your eyes on the prize!”: Visualize your goal and try to see everything around it blurry! Recall this mental image over and over again to bridge motivational gaps.

Dreambody: Cut out a photo of your dream body. Focus on this body and let everything else blur away.

Do more sports: Imagine in as much detail as possible what your life will be like if you exercise more. Are you sleeping better? Do you laugh more? Do you get compliments from other people? How do you feel? At home? At work? When do you go exercising? In the morning? At evening?

2. The more specific the goal is, the better! Do you want to lose weight? How much exactly? 5, 10, 15kg? Until when? End of January, six months from now? Why exactly? Move better? No more back pain? Fit into your old favorite jeans?

3. Provide a supportive environment! Do you have your partner’s approval? Do you have friends you can talk to about your challenges and fears? Do you have a personal trainer? Are you in a fitness club where you are not an anonymous number but are constantly looked after?

4. Determine your status quo! What is your starting point? Do you know your current habits? Do you know your measurements? Your schedule?


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