Personal trainer reveals the 10 most common mistakes women make in the gym (PART4)

In the previous part of the series, the Fit4TheGame personal trainers explained why a lot of aerobics never helps you get a sexy body, why balancing on the BOSU is absolutely amazing for 95% people and what monogamy is all about when working out.

In the 4th and final part of the series, the Fit4TheGame personal trainers not only clarify, why it is essential to follow a specific training program, but also why no one should be afraid of eating too much and why drinking “green juices” will never lead to six-pack abs.




1) Promiscuity while working out


Just like monogamy, its opposite, promiscuity, can also be found in workouts. Although this is more common with men, there are also many women who don't spend long on a workout. They try a workout for a few days and if it doesn't immediately give them the bikini body they want, they give up and try something else. A manifestation of this behavior can be found, for example, in CrossFit. Women who don't really know what CrossFit training is all about doing semi-aerobic and semi-anaerobic training for 1 to 2 hours without any rhyme or reason. No matter what, these workouts are just chaotic and don't produce results.

Choose a logical and progressive workout that is tailored exactly to you and your goals, builds muscles, reduces fat and defines the body wonderfully and, above all, does it for 4 to 6 weeks. Only then, and really only then, should you change the workout (see point number 7)


2) Fear of eating


Ready to destroy everything you know about diets? Ok, so then: It's almost impossible - no matter what you eat - to gain fat after a workout. This time range includes approximately one hour after training. However, it is most likely that you will build muscle during this period if you provide your body with the necessary proteins and calories.

The secret lies in the hormone insulin

An important factor here is insulin, a hormone that transports glucose and amino acids into our muscle cells. When it comes to insulin, there are practically two options. It either transports glucose and proteins to fatty tissue and the liver for storage, or it delivers the nutrients directly to muscle cells where they are used to repair and grow muscles. Which path is taken depends on the training. During weight lifting or immediately afterwards, the nutrients are transported directly to the muscle cells.

Muscles are particularly receptive to insulin during and after a workout. So if you want to build muscle, you MUST eat during this window. The time window consists of the time shortly before training, during training and a short time afterwards. So stop counting calories during this phase! You shouldn't miss out on carbohydrates during this period either.

Muscles need nutrients to form beautiful curves.

In general, it is recommended to have a protein/carbohydrate shake approximately 45 minutes before your workout and an appropriate amount of protein/carbohydrates after your workout. In an ideal world, you would even drink one of these shakes during your workout, but let's just focus on post-workout food for now, which should definitely not be neglected.


3) Doping


No, not what you think – no steroids! We're talking about doping at the juice bar. We all know the picture... many women enter a gym with a plastic cup in their hand filled with a not particularly good tasting mixture of cabbage, algae, wheat and who knows what kind of fruit and immediately feel a bit healthier.

“Mixed fruit juices have almost the same effect as Coca Cola”

Let it be! Or at least reduces it. Vegetables and fruits contain sugar and carbohydrates that are difficult to digest. However, that is not the problem. If you mix fruits and vegetables and chop them up in a blender so that they become drinkable, you bypass a large part of the digestive process and the sugar essentially goes straight into the blood. To cope with this, the pancreas produces a large amount of insulin. So in principle you could just have a liter of cola and it would have the same effect.

Some of the sugar is delivered to the muscle cells, the rest is stored in the liver or as body fat. However, within a short period of time, the insulin level quickly drops again and you get hungry. If you give in to this feeling of hunger, you will most likely consume more calories than you would have without this health drink and these exact calories will be stored as fat. In addition, frequent drinking of these fruit juices can increase the risk of developing diabetes (type 2 diabetes).

If you put all the fruits and vegetables that are in a smoothie on one plate, you probably wouldn't be able to eat them all at once.

You would be full pretty quickly and not even one of those great spandex pants could keep your stomach flat. However, if you put the ingredients in a blender, you can easily drink the same amount (with all its calories). So by drinking these smoothies you are consuming more food than you can actually absorb. Not exactly beneficial if you want to reduce your body fat...

That doesn't mean you should never drink juice again.

But if you do, then eat it in appropriate portions or rather than fruit. And if you absolutely have to have a smoothie, add a spoonful of protein powder (whey or casein). This reduces insulin production and the muscles still benefit from it.


We hope that our series has helped you shed some light on how you can train more effectively in the future. This way you can use the time you have gained for the really important things in life: for example with your family and the people you love. Do you have further questions or would you like us to address a topic that is particularly important to you? No problem, leave us your feedback here, visit us on Facebook or send us an email. We only have one goal: to help you!


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