Personal trainer reveals the 10 most common mistakes women make in the gym (PART 2)


At the start of our series last week there were more basics before we started with mistake number one. We looked at women's fears of appearing too masculine and were able to expose them as completely unfounded.

In the second part of the series, the Fit4TheGame personal trainers explore another fear and also focus on the core of the body.




2) Fear of not looking good

We have already discussed heavy weights. Now let's move on to intensity. When lifting weights, it's not important to have the same relaxed facial expression as when you're getting a manicure. Many women simply don't put in enough effort. You rarely see grimaces or hear strained grunts. It is what it is: a gym is not a pony farm and to build muscles you have to work hard. During the first few repetitions you may be able to concentrate on looking good, but by the last few repetitions this should no longer be possible. This is when muscles grow. No distorted face, no defined muscles. No distorted face, no increase in strength. Being feminine has no place in the gym. In the evening dress and high heels it will be you. Guaranteed. As a personal trainer and coach, we always try to convey that what others think of you shouldn't matter anyway.


3) Belly, belly, belly

Women are often fixated on their stomach and waist. The fact is, everyone has a six-pack. You just have to get rid of enough fat so that it becomes visible. Of course you have to build up your abdominal muscles too, but It's pointless to spend half of a workout just on your abs. Three or four sets of 15 to 20 repetitions - with resistance or a shift in your center of gravity - a few times a week, that's all you need. Point. Out of. Trallala. Spend the rest of the time doing general muscle building and fat loss activities.

Fit4TheGame Personal Trainer Tip: Include abdominal muscle training as a separate block in your warm-up.


4) No powerlifting for the abs!

Even though we advocated heavy weights in point 1, abdominal muscles are the exception. Many women already use heavy weights to build abdominal muscles in order to slim their waistlines shrink - it would be nice! The waist is made up of muscles and muscles grow when you exercise them regularly. If you want a waist as wide as a tree trunk, you should continue training with heavy weights. However, if you want a wasp waist, you should leave it alone. As mentioned in the previous section, it is best to train with weights that allow 15 to 20 repetitions. It should be noted that you should not use weights for the obliques, as this will almost certainly result in the aforementioned “tree waist”.

Fit4TheGame Personal Trainer Tip: The perfect alternative is “side planks” several times a week.


Next week, thanks to our personal trainers, find out why jogging will never help you get a sexy body and balancing on the bosu doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with functional training.


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Article is based on the English blog by TC, posted at t nation.

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