Make sure you get full

If I don't want to gorge myself from one snack to the next all day, I need three full meals. Saturation is important to me. If this doesn't happen, the next snack isn't far away and in case of doubt it is unhealthier than a real meal.

The best way to get full is to do these three things:


  1. Eat real food: Yes, we already had that. Real food is not only healthy, it also fills you up. They contain significantly more nutrients and fiber than industrial products. That's why 100 calories from fresh food fills us up better than the same number of calories from ready-made products.
  2. Eat enough: Being full also means enough to eat. I don't want to cheat myself by keeping the portion unnecessarily small and then getting the missing energy back with snacks. We have to eat a lot of fresh foods in particular because their energy density is often low. So don't settle for one small Portion of salad satisfied. If you eat salad, go for it.
  3. Take your time: The more time I take to eat, the fuller I become, even without eating much. This works best when I eat in company and have a good conversation. However, when I'm alone, I have to force myself more to take my time. Here, too, real food helps again, because if I stand in the kitchen for 30 minutes, I don't wolf down everything standing up, but instead set the table and enjoy my meal.

Some days I don't take the time to eat three filling meals and instead eat something quick and of lower quality. In most cases, this haunts me for the rest of the day, by constantly feeling the need for more snacks. Therefore, eating in moderation includes filling meals.


Source: Healthyhabits

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