Just one body - Why personal training is worth it

Foreword: Today's article about the benefits of personal training is, exceptionally, a translation of a great blog post by Mike Boyle. Among other things, he is a former athletic trainer for the Boston Red Sox, a pioneer of functional training worldwide and has more than 10,000 hours of experience in personal training. Here is the German translation of his article “Only one body”.

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Just a body

Imagine you are 18 years old and your parents give you your first car for your birthday. The two also give you a simple instruction: “You only get this one car in your life. There will be no further chance for you to get another one. Never. No replacement vehicle, no exchange option, no new car. Nothing.

Now, are you wondering how you would care for this car? I guess you would be over-correct, almost meticulous about everything. You would always check the oil, fill up with only the best gasoline, etc. Now imagine that your parents also told you that no replacement part will ever work as well as the original parts. Not only that, but the replacement parts would be extremely expensive to install and as if that wasn't enough, they also tell you that each replacement part will also shorten the lifespan of the car. In other words, the car would continue to run, but neither at the same speed nor with the same efficiency that you were used to.

Now that you have read this example, I ask you to ask yourself this question: Why would the human body behave differently? Why do we act like we don't care at all that we only have this one body that God gave us? That's exactly how it is. They were given only one body. No returns or exchanges. Of course we can now replace parts, but that's a lot of work and hurts a lot. Apart from that, the “replacement parts” never work as well as the original goods. Neither the new knee nor the new hip joint feels like the original, let alone performs the same.

Think about it. A body. You determine the number of kilometers. You determine the maintenance plan and the maintenance work. Doesn’t individualized personal training suddenly make all the more sense?

No refund, no guarantee, no retry.

What do you say about this perspective? One of my personal training clients is a very successful businessman. He is often asked to speak at conferences. One thing he tells every time is that each of us will invest time and money in our health. But the truth is that it is up to us whether this process is active or reactive. The money you invest in your health can be for personal training, a massage therapist or a gym membership. But it could also be expenses for an anesthesiologist, cardiologist or plastic surgeon. No matter what it will be, you will spend this money.

The same also applies to time. You can either go to personal training or to the doctor. Your choice. No matter what you choose, you will invest this time. Some people say, “I hate working out.” Try sitting in a hospital emergency room for a few hours and let's discuss again whether fitness or personal training still seems so bad to you. Similar to a car, a little bit of regular maintenance can go a long way. Nevertheless, the human body is superior to a car in many ways. With a little hard work, you can turn back your body's odometer. Some time ago I wrote an article about a McMaster study (strength training – a fountain of youth). The study showed that the cells of the muscle fibers of older subjects changed through strength training and looked more and more similar to those of the younger subjects.

Do me a favor and invest time in preventive maintenance. It beats the alternative by far. Just remember: you become invest this money and this time at some point.


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