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I'm doing this NOW!

It's always a problem with motivation. No matter what actually. Training, working, preparing food... you usually have to motivate yourself somehow for everything. Unless you have your dream job, love cooking and sweat for the life of you.

If that's the case for you, you're more than lucky, unfortunately most people don't feel that way... We still go to work because after all, we all have to earn money and we usually cook food too, we don't want to starve.


But when it comes to training or changing your diet? I'll start with that TOMORROW. Starting TOMORROW I'll go to the gym regularly and eat healthy, yes. That's probably the most frequently said sentence, at least on January 1st of the year, and 100 of us have all said it once - and didn't follow through.


As a trainer, I am no exception and I WORK IN THE GYM. Everything is right in front of me and yet I often find it difficult to train after work or during breaks. How difficult it must be to get off the couch and go to the gym...

So what motivated me to turn my world around 180 degrees, train 5-6 times a week again and eat so healthily and consciously that my body is probably wondering if I'm stupid?!

That was just me. My motivation comes from myself. I want this NOW. And anyone who knows me knows that I can be Miss Discipline - but only if I want to. If I don't want to... Hello, Madame Vanilla Macchiatto and Monsieur Chocolate Cake.


It probably took a year...

...until I got to the point where I decided to start my project “Berry breaks down”. Because I first had to get to a point where I knew: I can do it now.

Of course, there can be triggers for your own motivation. I had that too. My own personal reason why I do this. (No, I won't tell you that ;)) But for many people there are enough reasons why they should change something and they still don't do it. In such cases, the trigger is simply not strong enough. Then the time has not yet come to change. And that's perfectly fine. At some point there comes a point where you say: OK, that's enough. I start now.


Only when you have achieved your first successes does external motivation help. Be it your partner who goes along with it and maybe cooks healthier, or the compliments you get when you've already lost 5 kg, are eating great and look much healthier and fresher. Of course that's motivating. But that's never the reason why you start. And the first step is always the hardest.

I cut out the sugar from one day to the next. Drastic, but that's how I am. All or nothing. And let me tell you… I had the headache of my life the first two days. Absolutely cruel. And I still want chocolate every day. After 3 weeks... every day I think: Mmm, a piece of chocolate like that would be nice now.

But I don't do it because my goal is now more important to me than these 10 seconds of enjoyment that I would then have. It's just not worth it to me.

Now we’re going through with it – no matter what.

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