How do I strengthen my back? 7 effective exercises for an all-round healthy back

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The back – actually very strong, but often not as strong as it should be due to insufficient demands. 


This often leads to problems in everyday life. If you are currently experiencing back pain, we recommend that you take a look at today's blog post.

Here You will find 7 exercises and recommendations to quickly get your back pain under control. 

Each of these exercises is designed to help you activate deep abdominal muscles, rediscover optimal breathing patterns, and build a strong back.

Quadruped Opposites.

Start with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Then lift your left arm and right leg slightly and bring your elbows and knees together underneath you. Then stretch your foot back and your hand forward. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

Crawl hold.

Start again with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Press your hands into the floor and pull your belly button toward your spine. Hold this tension and now lift your knees off the floor. Hold this position for 6 deep breaths without sinking between your shoulders.

Crawl Hold w/ Leg extension.

Start with the same setup as the crawl hold. Hands on the floor, belly button to spine, knees in the air. Now move one foot straight back without losing tension in your hips. Bring your knee back under your hip, put your foot up and push the other foot back. Start by doing 5 pieces on each side and then increase.

Hip lift.

Start with both feet on the floor. Now push your hands towards the ceiling. Your lower back is pressed to the floor. Now just push yourself up from your butt. Here you can either hold for 6 deep breaths or lift your butt into the air 10 times and lower it again in a controlled manner.


Start with the same set up as for the hip lift. First, press your lower back onto the floor and push it up from your buttocks. Now hold up and alternately lift your feet slightly off the ground. Work in a controlled manner and make sure that you have little to no movement in your hips. Try the whole thing for a while, the repetitions aren't that important here. Start with 15 seconds and increase slowly.


Start with your hands under your shoulders, feet planted, and arms and legs extended. Press yourself into the ground with your hands and tense your stomach and buttocks. Hold for 5 deep breaths and then increase. For an easier version, you can also start on your knees.


Start with the same setup as the straight arm plank. Instead of just holding, tense your thighs and buttocks again and then bring your left hand to your right elbow. Bring it back to the floor in a controlled manner and then bring your right hand to the left floor. Execute this movement in a controlled manner and make sure that your hips remain stable. If this is difficult for you at the beginning, put your feet a little further apart. Start by touching each shoulder 5 times and then increase.

If you would rather strengthen your back specifically and effectively under the guidance of a professional coach:

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