How can I lose weight healthily and stress-free?

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Fit4TheGames nutrition expert Jane Westphely presents you with concrete strategies for your weight loss goals.

As humans, we shouldn't stop growing. No living being should! We are constantly evolving and reaching for the stars as long as we live!

In the morning only freshly squeezed Smoothies, only in the evening colorful salad, always cooked fresh! And best of all, everything since yesterday. But butter by the fish, it's not that easy and quick.

So the Diet change by small Milestones to a long-term successful path do instead of in the cycle of frustration to run.

Diet adjustment: Stress-free through goal setting

Especially now, after a few weeks have moved into the new year, we often realize that the initial... motivation, the focus and the determination slowly gathering dust in the first week of January. But what has happened since then?

personal trainer hamburg

The range of failure is huge, be it a lack of explicit personal reasons, his Nutrition to change or simply the time required, which is more than scarce for most of us at the moment anyway, or in short: it is busy schedules is through the nutritional goals not emptier.

Now let's look concrete projectsto counteract this. But what to do? Simply shorten your sleep, stay awake longer in the evening and keep the children less busy. 

Perhaps possible in the short term, but as soon as we read it we notice that all of this no permanent solutions are. Therefore it applies de-stress and to shift the focus from many approximate goals to concrete and achievable goals.

First to Mannheim instead of New York

The >>everything at once principle<< is our biggest opponent here and ultimately leads to us giving up everything in frustration.

It means nothing more than realizing that we are more relaxed about getting to New York with rest stops like Mannheim, for example, than choosing the direct flight, which costs us a lot of energy. So let's take a look at a concrete approach.

This is how you can proceed:

1. The Leave the church in the village or: Less is more!

Consciously set your priorities by taking 10 minutes to formulate what your optimal diet would look like.

2. Search yourself one of those priorities out of. Here it applies as much as possible concrete to proceed. If you want to stop eating meat and it's important to you to avoid processed sugar, start with just a quarter reduction in week 1.

3. If the reductions worked well, you can now consciously adjust the frequency and increase the amount of conscious abstinence. But don't judge yourself if you don't do it perfectly every day.

4. It doesn't always have to be a sacrifice, just try to look at the dimensions and evaluate neutrally whether you are with this amount or the Quality your new one habit are satisfied

For example, if after a month you have settled on the desired meat level, you can now move on to the next goal and start in the same way. gradual.

So consider:

Rome wasn't built in a day and eating habits, which have manifested themselves for years, need just as much Dedicate time and mindfulnessto her gradually to steer where you would like it to be.


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