Do you like showing off in a bikini?…Fit4thegame Personal Trainer Hamburg

„Bist du happy mit deinem Körper?
Zeigst du dich gerne im Bikini? Nein? Ich auch nicht.“ …..Coach Berry


Why not? Because we don't think we're perfect. Cellulite on the thighs, spider veins on the knees, the stomach too big, the arms too flabby, muffin tops, wrinkles here, wrinkles there... almost every woman has at least one of these problems, if not several. Even the slimmest of the slimmest women often have cellulite.

Who stands in front of the mirror after showering in the morning and says to themselves: Damn, I look good!

Not you? Me neither. Definitely not.

We now have three options:

  1. We accept ourselves and the little flaws that make us who we are.

I'll give you a good example. One of my front teeth is slightly crooked. Nothing dramatic, but it bothers me in every picture. So when I visit the dentist, I immediately ask if this can't be fixed. And my dentist gave me the best answer he could possibly give.

“Of course you can fix it, but why should you, that’s what makes them tick and it’s not dramatic at all.”

And at that moment I thought: right, he's actually right.

Since then, my little crookedness and I have lived in peaceful coexistence with each other.

2. We hide. 

In the summer we only wear long trousers because otherwise you could see our overly thick legs and the spider veins. We don't even go to the beach because we would have to wear a bikini. And we can't even think about going to the sauna where we would have to completely expose ourselves.

You can do it, but it's not nice. And think of all the great things you miss out on as a result.

3. You can work on your body.


Let's face it. Most of us are not supermodels and never will be, nor do we want to be. But the important thing is that we feel so comfortable in our bodies that we can show ourselves in a bikini without any problems. No matter what little mistakes we criticize about ourselves.

Start with small steps. First, think about what your biggest problem with your body is that prevents you from feeling good. And then think about what you have to do to get rid of this construction site.

And finally, think about whether this is really a construction site or whether you just think it is one. Too thick, too thin, who decides? Ultimately, just yourself! And if at the end of these considerations the construction site is still large, then start doing something about it. No excuses.

Unfortunately, we are all far too critical of ourselves, but no matter which path you choose, the end goal should always be that you find yourself beautiful.

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