5 reasons why FEBRUARY is the best time to get fit!



Most people think January is the best time to start a new fitness program. But did you know that 66 % of them give up their New Year's resolutions within a month?

The BEST results!

New fitness programs are generally difficult to stick to, and in my experience January isn't always the best time to get in shape. I have been coaching for over 15 years now and have accompanied many clients who started their fitness journey in February and achieved the best and most lasting results.

“I think February is probably the perfect month to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle” – Gavin, Owner / @thecaptainofhappiness


1. The weather is slowly getting better and the days are longer. The combination of milder weather and more sunlight makes us feel vital and energetic. And if you want to train before or after work, you no longer have to set off in the dark - this makes getting to the gym easier!

2. Less distraction. After a very social time over the Christmas and New Year holidays, most people won't have nearly as many social obligations in the coming months. So February is a great time to focus and focus on your health and fitness goals.

3. Everyone is back to their daily routine. After the Christmas holidays, everyone returned to work and settled into everyday life. These routines make it easier to enter your fitness as fixed appointments in the calendar.

4. 16 weeks until summer begins. When starting a new fitness program, you should always have a time goal in mind, and June 1st is ideal for this. Many people use the summer holidays as motivation - they want to look good and feel good - and stick to their diet and training plans. On vacation you can then reward yourself for all your efforts in February, March, April and May!

5. A more beautiful year. Start now (as the weather improves and the days get longer, with fewer distractions) to develop good habits, eat healthier, and lead a more active lifestyle. When summer comes, you have already laid a solid foundation and can enjoy life much more.

Whether you're feeling fit or need a fresh start, TODAY is the perfect time to get active!


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