3 ways to achieve your fitness goals - and why discipline alone doesn't work

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"I know what I need to do, but I just can't seem to bring myself to actually do it. I make progress for a while, then something comes up, and the next moment I'm back to square one. It's discouraging, it's frustrating, and I want to give up. I guess I'm just not very disciplined.…”.

In a recently published Blog post , best-selling author and habit expert James Clear has uncovered decades-old research that may explain the real reason why so many of us fail to stick to our fitness goals. And guess what? It's not due to a lack of discipline!

As part of his research, Clear explains how many of the US soldiers stationed in Vietnam during the war became addicted to heroin and explains how this tragedy was almost inevitable:

“These soldiers were exposed all day to environmental stimuli that trigger heroin use: heroin was easily accessible, they were under the constant stress of war, they made friends with other soldiers who also used heroin, and they were thousands of miles from home . However, once a soldier returned to the United States, he found himself in an environment where these triggers did not exist. When the environment changed, the habit changed too.”

Based on these findings, here are 3 examples of positive changes you can make in your own environment to help you return to a fitter, healthier lifestyle:

1. Create a cuisine that supports your nutritional goals.

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Buy healthy foods that you like. Don't buy unhealthy temptations (or at least hide them in the basement!). Invest in cooking utensils, Tupperware, or other items that will help you eat in a way that supports your personal vision of a healthier, fitter “you.”

These investments can either be of practical use, e.g. B. new pots and pans or just ones that make cooking and eating a pleasure, such as. B. the purchase of beautiful plates and dishes. Make it easy to eat well.

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2. Create (or find) an environment that triggers fitness.

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One of the benefits of a friendly, welcoming gym you go to for training:

As soon as you arrive, all signals will clearly show you what to do in this place. From the moment you walk in the door, your body and mind tell you it's time to get moving!

3. Create a social network that aligns with your fitness dreams.

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One of the strongest influences on our behavior is the people we spend time with.

We are social animals. We are designed so that the people around us significantly influence our behavior. 

If you spend time with people who don't value or invest energy and time in their fitness, you will automatically be influenced by it. You will eat and drink more and undoubtedly less To do sports.

But surrounding yourself with people who have active hobbies, exercise regularly, and eat to nourish their bodies and brains will ALSO influence you. 

That's one of the reasons why a community-oriented gym like Fit4TheGame Helping people exercise regularly. Because you have to be accountable to other people who are committed to their fitness.

So if you're feeling down about your lack of discipline, try one or more of the strategies above. I think you'll find that it improves your mood and energy levels and helps you take the next step!

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