3 practical tips for good resolutions that you should implement immediately.

Every year on December 31st we resolve to finally exercise regularly, eat healthier or sleep more. Experience has shown that most New Year's resolutions are forgotten after just a few days. A few simple preparations can help make your plans for fitness and improved quality of life a reality!

The following points will help you stay true to your good intentions for a long time and successfully integrate them into your life despite routines and old habits.

1. Be realistic

You can't dedicate yourself to your resolutions 24/7. There is an everyday life that needs to be overcome. And your regular duties should neither be underestimated nor neglected. So be realistic! Be aware from the outset that implementing your resolutions will not suddenly be easy for you just because the turn of the year is approaching.

2. Be patient

Regressions are part of life. And achieving your goals or implementing your good intentions also requires patience. Many people fail not because they don't have the ability to achieve their goals - but because they give up too quickly. The more you realize that success comes from discipline and patience, the better. As a little motivation, you can regularly remind yourself of how far you have already come. And that brings us to the last point.

3. Find a motivating atmosphere to pursue your goals!

Making a good resolution is extremely motivating and motivation is important: However, it is comparable to a balloon: at the first obstacles, the air begins to escape (sometimes life even has a needle in store), the balloon bursts and the air is out. Literally. In order for you to persevere and not throw your resolutions overboard at the first motivational problem, you need more - namely an atmosphere in which you feel supported and accepted. You've probably heard that you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with!? Use this to your advantage and surround yourself with people who are also working towards achieving their fitness goals.

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