Personal trainer reveals the 10 most common mistakes women make in the gym (PART 1)

Personal trainer explains four truths about women and fitness training...

1. Incorrect training can cause many women to lose weight and look thin after a certain period of time, but have a higher percentage of fat than before.

2. Women have to lift heavy. Point. No more baby weights - you can't build muscle using weights that are about as heavy as an iPhone.

3. The waist is the exception. It is made up of muscles and lifting heavy weights results in muscle growth.

4. It's virtually impossible to store fat after a workout. On the contrary: If you supply your body with the necessary proteins (and calories), muscles can be built better in the time window after training.


What women Want

For fitness experts and qualified personal trainers, walking into a studio is like entering a nudist camp. You would like to put blinders on. There are simply too many things that you just don't want to see. In a nudist camp, they're usually flabby, pale guys, really never should be naked. In a gym, however, it's the absolutely illogical and inappropriate exercises that hurt your eyes.

Men are probably much worse than women in this regard, as they are largely driven by their ego and ignore all logic. Nevertheless, women are now only slightly inferior to them in this respect. Unfortunately, women are mostly influenced by what they read in various magazines or what they are told by some (self-proclaimed) fitness gurus. Added to this is the ideal image of a woman set by society. No wonder women can't choose between weightlifting, aerobics or yoga...

Unfortunately, it is far too common for women to choose a mix of all of these things. However, the same principle applies as with cooking - too many cooks spoil the broth. With this mix, progress is only slight and it can even happen that the training has the opposite effect. Many women lose weight and look thin, but the percentage of fat in their bodies increases, as paradoxical as it may sound. Instead of losing the desired fat, muscles are lost.

Why do most women go to the gym?

Right, because they want to look thinner and more defined! An aesthetic body consists of convex and concave curves rather than straight lines. Women should have curves! Therefore, they need to build muscles that emphasize their convex curves. If these are already present, you can build concave curves through fat loss. Both can be achieved through weight lifting. Many women have already internalized and accepted this principle, but unfortunately you still see too many things that make you want to run away screaming.

Our personal trainers have put together the 10 most common mistakes women make again and again.


1) Fear of appearing too masculine

We personal trainers have all heard it before, but for some reason no one wants to believe it: No more rubber-coated dumbbells that are the size of croissants! Or to put it better: get to the weights! Stop the little girl behavior. Dare to use 20 and 30 pound dumbbells and set your goal for 40 and 50 pound dumbbells. Uses weights with which 8 to 15 repetitions are no problem.

Read points 2-4 next week and learn more about women's fear of not looking good.


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Article is based on the English blog by TC, posted at t nation.

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