Optimise your health and manage your weight.


Feel more energised and happier with your body in 30 days*, or we’ll give you your money back!

Nutrition Coaching

with Fit4TheGame

Eating right to support your fitness goals is hard.

EatRyte makes it easier, by giving you simple, scientifically proven eating habits, plus your own personal EatRyte coach to help you stay accountable.


measurable results

Progress Tracking


training optimisation

no long-term commitment

Eating right is hard!

Many people use food as a reward, or simply out of frustration or boredom, which can lead to a host of health issues including weight-gain, low energy levels, and poor sleep

That’s why we’ve developed the EatRyte Programme.

We’ve researched (and solved) the problems which cause most people to struggle with their diet, and now we want to help YOU to achieve sustainable results and develop a positive, balanced relationship with your food!

With your own dedicated EatRyte accountability coach, a supportive community and easy-to-understand nutrition education, EatRyte helps you to reach your goals and have fun doing it!

During our 30-day programme you can expect to experience many positive benefits if you follow your coach’s advice, including: 

> More energy

> Healthy, sustainable weight-loss **

> A more efficient metabolism

> Better sleep

> Improved mood

> A stronger immune-system

> Lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels

> Increased feelings of well-being and self-confidence

“What do I get when I join the EatRyte Programme?”

> 1-to-1 “My Success” Strategy Session with your coach via Zoom

> Comprehensive personal nutrition questionnaire (diet-history, allergies etc.)

>  Bi-weekly email checkins with your EatRyte coach

> Weekly WhatsApp Q&A with your coach (perfect for your most burning questions!)

> EatRyte Meal-Matrix (including 7 sample mealplans with breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner)

> Healthy Meal & Ingredient Swap

> Fasttrack video-tips to help you achieve success more quickly!

> Endless motivation from the Fit4TheGame community!

Making the right food choices consistently can be exhausting, particularly when you feel you’re on your own. The number one problem most people have with maintaining a healthier diet is accountability.

Having someone there at your side, offering you simple, creative options, and encouraging you to make consistently better food choices, can be a complete life-changer.

The Fit4TheGame EatRyte Programme comes with our 100 % money-back guarantee, so there is no risk involved. 

If you struggle with your nutrition and your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, lose some weight and have more energy, then this programme is for you.


*  If you follow your coach’s advice (nutrition and training) completely for 30 days and don’t see or feel a difference, we’ll give you your money back.

** No-one can (or should) guarantee how much weight you could lose. Depending on your starting weight and if you’re following your coach’s nutrition and training advice consistently, losing up to one kilo per week is safe and healthy.

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