Fast long-lasting fat loss is something of the ‘holy grail’ of fitness goals. If you’re keen on getting trim and slim in no time at all, read on as our fitness experts reveal 5 simple ways to speed up your fat loss in Hamburg!

1. Train for intensity and forget ‘slow, steady cardio’.

Arthur Lydiard’s ‘jogging’ craze of the 1970’s helped create the myth that ‘training’ the cardio system somehow helps you burn fat. Rubbish! The function of your cardio-respiratory system is in fact to support all other functions, including your wonderful muscular system.

Your muscles are the true ‘fat-burning furnaces’ so if you really want to speed up your fat loss in Hamburg, focus on high-intensity weight-based circuits or full-speed activities such as sprints on a bike or a rower, or get out in the park, and run 10 sets of 50-100 metres FAST!

2. Drink more water

H2O helps you to avoid dehydration as you train harder to reach your fitness goals. It also helps to maintain blood volume (which helps transport more oxygen directly to your muscles and help you avoid tiredness), and maintain muscle tone. To help speed up your fat loss in Hamburg, make sure you drink at least 8 hours of pure water each day.

3. Make sure you’re getting enough Omega-3 fats

Omega-3 fats belong to a group of good fats know as Essential Fatty Acids (or EFA’s) which are vital if you intend to speed up your fat loss in Hamburg. They help you slim down by behaving like the specific hormones your body uses to increase the body’s ability to burn fat. They also help to minimise blood sugar swings that cause food cravings, reduce inflammation and help to suppress the appetite.

4. Get more sleep!

One of the biggest problems faced by anyone trying to speed up fat loss in Hamburg is increased daytime-levels of the hormone cortisol, due to lack of sufficient sleep. Among it’s many functions, cortisol leads to increased hunger-pangs and higher levels of blood sugar in the body, reducing your ability to metabolise fat, which can stop you reaching your fat-loss goals. 8 hours sleep per night is optimal.

5. Find a BIG motivator and WRITE IT DOWN!

In order to speed up your fat loss in Hamburg, you need to have ‘skin in the game’. You need to be emotionally invested in doing the hard work, which is necessary to get your dream physique and look lean and toned. Find your BIG MOTIVATION (a wedding, the long-awaited beach holiday or something like our 28-day Fat Loss Challenge) and then write it down. Note WHY you’re doing this, HOW MUCH body fat you want to lose and WHEN you want to have achieved it by.

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