Muffin tops


“Hunger and self-control do not go hand in had”
– Kathy Freston

“Eating constitutes the greatest obstacle to self-control; it gives rise to indolence”
– Mahavira

Almost nine out of every ten people who apply for membership at Fit4TheGame are looking to lose weight, or more correctly expressed, they’re looking to complete a body transformation.

They want to reduce their body fat, and increase what is known as lean muscle mass.

Many of our members have successfully achieved this important but challenging goal in a relatively short space of time, and then keep the weight off.

Our expert personal trainer in Hamburg spends a lot of time with each member, helping them develop the strategies required to get in the best shape of their lives quickly and safely.

Allow us to share these simple interventions with you and you can change your life, starting today.

Our mission is to help YOU make a start on your journey towards becoming the very best version of yourself, and we want you to start NOW!



1. Set the right kind of goals.

Rather than just saying you’re going to ‘lose weight’, get focussed on specific dietary changes such as ‘I will eat at least one portion of lean protein with every meal’ or ‘I will drink 500ml of water 15 minutes before I eat’.

Outcome-based goals like these are not only easier to follow than wishy-washy ‘I should…’ statements, but are also the kind of interventions proven to have a positive effect on your metabolism, ultimately helping you to become a more effective fat-burning machine.

Our personal trainer in Hamburg coaches each member directly in how to stay on target with these kind of outcome-based goals which are most likely to support fat-loss quickly and effectively.

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2. Stay accountable!

Report your eating habits daily, either by writing them down or photographing them, and sharing them with at least one other person.

Services like Instagram and Photostream provide you with all the tools you need to document and share your new eating habits with some you trust to keep you ‘on point’.

If this person is also keen on improving their body, all the better: having a transformation-buddy can improve your chances of success by up to 80%!

Every new Fit4TheGame member provides us with at least seven consecutive days of food photos as soon as they are accepted into one of our internationally acclaimed fat-loss plans.

Many members then choose to provide further photos at traditionally stressful times like Christmas or during other holidays, which reduces the risk of slipping back into old habits.

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 Monitor goals


3. Monitor your results sensibly and we don’t just mean the scales!

Almost all of us, at one time or another, have become obsessed with the infernal number on that tiny screen.

How many times have you found yourself stepping onto the scales several times a day, and positively freaking out, when you notice a jump of even a few grammes?….

Daily fluctuations of up to a kilo are considered normal, depending on your gender, size, age, digestive and menstrual rhythms, as well as a host of other factors.

To avoid driving yourself mad, and to ensure you have an objective view of your progress, settle on a bi-weekly rhythm, and weigh yourself after waking, once you’ve been to the toilet.

In addition, use one of the many free apps like TimerCam to allow you take body photographs.

Pick a location in your home where there is no stark lighting, and photograph yourself from the front, both side, and the back.

This will allow you monitor both physical changes in your body composition, as well as highlighting aspects of your posture which you need to improve.

Finally, make sure to dig your TIGHTEST item of clothing out of your cupboard, try it on, and photograph the results.

It sounds terrifying, but if you stick with your outcome-based  eating habits, and embark on a sensible and well-structured training regime, you’ll love the results, as your muffin tops melt away, and those long-lost abs come back into view.

The safest, simplest and most effective way for you to achieve your dream body is to seek help from a qualified expert in your area.

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